Create Meaningful Conversations

Connect with your audience through engaging, interactive surveys. Foster a dynamic dialogue and gather valuable insights effortlessly.

Gather and Utilize Data Efficiently

Collect data seamlessly and channel it into actionable strategies. Target your customers with precision and make informed business decisions.

Easy Integration

Embed surveys into your website effortlessly. Build your own panel and database, reaching your customers effectively.

Build and Monetize Your Audience

Leverage the data collected to build a targeted audience. Use this to conduct more effective business engagements, be it scheduling appointments or collecting contact information.


Simplified Survey Creation

No prior experience needed. Our intuitive platform allows you to create high-quality surveys as easily as writing a social media post.

Own Panels

Integrate survey respondents into your PegaPoll ecosystem. Target users with content based on their demographics and previous responses.

Interactive and Engaging Surveys

Incorporate images, links, and videos to make your surveys more appealing and informative.

Advanced Targeting

Run campaigns targeting specific demographics like age, gender, and interests to ensure maximum engagement.

Real-Time Dashboard

Access customizable results instantly. Filter, weight, and apply cross-queries without needing complex tools.

Security and Compliance

Benefit from modern security measures including encrypted communication, vote protection, DDOS protection, and GDPR compliance.


Enhanced Engagement

Create an interactive experience that encourages participation and reaches the silent majority.

Data-Driven Insights

Analyze data easily with our user-friendly tools, turning raw data into meaningful insights.

Monetization Tools

Generate revenue through Pollvertisement, showcasing targeted market research on your website or blog.

International Reach

Conduct multilingual surveys with automatic translation, allowing you to connect with a global audience.

How It Works?


Design surveys with various question types, survey logic, and media integration.


Share surveys via email, embed them on your website, or promote through social media.

Collect Data

Gather responses in real-time, capturing valuable demographic and interaction data.


Utilize advanced analysis tools to filter, weight, and cross-query data for comprehensive insights.


Reach out to respondents based on specific demographics and previous answers for follow-up surveys or targeted marketing.

Success Stories

SOS Children's Villages

Customized surveys for deeper understanding of motherhood, increasing participation and data quality through targeted Facebook distribution.

Developed an integrated survey and quiz module, enhancing user interaction and increasing engagement with over 6 million votes.

Iránytű Institute

Combined traditional phone surveys with our online platform, expanding reach and data collection efficiency.

Use case

Custom Panel Building

Community Engagement: Build a dedicated panel of users who regularly participate in surveys. Use this panel to gather ongoing feedback and maintain a dynamic conversation with your audience.

Personalized Customer Journeys: Utilize survey logic to create personalized paths for respondents based on their answers. For example, direct satisfied customers to leave a review and direct dissatisfied customers to a feedback form.

Interactive Data Collection

Lead Generation: Use surveys to capture leads by asking for contact information at strategic points. Implement logic to only request details from highly engaged respondents.

Customized Offers: Based on survey responses, present customized product or service recommendations and offers directly within the survey.

Customer Segmentation: Automatically segment customers into different groups based on their responses for more targeted marketing and personalized communication.

Event Triggers

Automated Follow-Ups: Trigger automated email follow-ups or thank you messages after survey completion based on specific answers.

Actionable Notifications: Send notifications to sales or support teams when a survey response indicates a high-value lead or urgent issue.

Multi-Channel Surveys

Cross-Platform Engagement: Distribute surveys across various platforms (email, social media, SMS) and gather consolidated insights in one place.

Interactive Content on Websites: Embed interactive surveys on websites and blogs to increase visitor engagement and collect actionable data.

Compliance and Data Security

Consent Management: Utilize advanced consent management features to ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Secure Data Collection: Implement secure survey methods that ensure respondent data is encrypted and stored safely.

Embedded AI and Advanced Analytics

AI-Powered Insights: Use AI to analyze survey responses in real-time, providing actionable insights and identifying trends without manual intervention.

Content Generation: Leverage AI to generate survey questions and content dynamically based on initial responses and data trends.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Start engaging with your customers in a whole new way. Build your own panel, gather actionable insights, and target your audience effectively.