Create a dialogue with your followers

Unlock the power of interactive surveys to build meaningful connections with your supporters. Engage them in conversations, collect valuable data, and target your community effectively.


Interactive Surveys

Easily embed surveys into your website to engage your audience and gather insights.

Data Collection

Seamlessly channel collected data for targeted outreach and communication.

Custom Panels and Databases

Build your own panel and database for precise targeting and continuous engagement.

Multi-Channel Integration

Effortlessly integrate surveys across your digital platforms for maximum reach.

AI-Powered Insights

Leverage AI for survey creation, data analysis, and targeted marketing.

Real-Time Analytics

Access customizable, real-time results to make informed decisions.


Engage Your Audience

Create compelling surveys with multimedia elements to captivate your audience.

Easy Integration

Embed surveys into your website and other platforms without any technical expertise.

Build Your Community

Develop a dedicated panel of supporters for ongoing engagement and feedback.

Targeted Outreach

Use collected data to communicate with supporters effectively and personally.

Amplify Your Impact

Utilize insights to enhance your campaigns and achieve better outcomes.

How It Works?

Create Surveys

Craft interactive surveys as easily as writing a social media post.

Distribute Widely

Share your surveys across your website, social media, and email campaigns.

Collect Data

Gather responses and demographic information in real-time.

Analyze Results

Use our advanced analytics tools to filter, weight, and cross-query data.


Engage respondents with targeted follow-up campaigns based on their responses.

Use Cases

Fundraising Campaigns

Drive donations by understanding supporter preferences and motivations.

Volunteer Engagement

Recruit and retain volunteers through targeted communications.

Public Opinion Polling

Gain insights into public sentiment on critical issues.

Awareness Campaigns

Measure and enhance the impact of your awareness initiatives.

Supporter Feedback

Collect feedback on your programs and initiatives to improve and adapt.

Success Stories

Case Study: SOS Children's Villages

By using PegaPoll's interactive surveys, SOS Children's Villages significantly increased participation and collected valuable insights on motherhood challenges, enabling better support and communication with their target audience.

Case Study: integrated PegaPoll’s survey module, resulting in over 6 million votes and 100+ engaging quizzes, enhancing reader interaction and engagement.

Case Study: Youth for the Nation Foundation

The foundation used interactive quizzes and surveys to increase user engagement, collect contact information, and expand their follower base, leading to a stronger online presence and community support.

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