Revolutionise your research with PegaPoll

PegaPoll offers a state-of-the-art online platform that makes traditional telephone polling methods more efficient and scalable. Here's how PegaPoll can help you develop your research skills:

Extensive, segmentable panel

Tens of thousands of respondents

Access to a large, diverse and segmented panel to ensure your questionnaires reach the right audience.

Detailed segmentation

Target specific demographic and psychographic groups, ensuring relevance and accuracy in data collection.

Extended reach and commitment

Online newspaper modules

We partner with national and county online newspapers to deliver market research questionnaires to a wide and representative audience.

Up-to-date and valid database

Take advantage of our continuously updated and validated database, ensuring the accuracy and freshness of the database.

Automatic Facebook ads

Use automated Facebook ads to deliver surveys to places where we are not organically present, maximising survey visibility and engagement.

User-friendly data management

User-friendly interface

Data is available through an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies data review and analysis.

Export opportunities

You can export data in traditional research formats, including SPSS and Excel formats, which are easily compatible with existing research methods.

Advanced questionnaire design

Dynamic logic

Provide complex logical conditions, including conditional branching, question skipping, randomization and incorporating previous answers into subsequent questions to ensure personalized and accurate data collection.

Likert scales

Use Likert scales to fine-tune opinions and attitudes, providing richer data for in-depth analysis.

Versatile question types

From single-choice to open-ended questions, PegaPoll supports a wide range of question types to meet all research needs.

Integration of multimedia content in questionnaires

Improved response experience

PegaPoll allows users to enrich their questionnaires by integrating multimedia content such as images, videos and audio. This provides respondents with a more interactive and enjoyable experience, which increases engagement and improves the quality of data collection.

Pictures and videos

Add relevant pictures and videos to the questions to visually illustrate the topics or situations. For example, in a market research questionnaire, you could show a prototype of the product through video to help respondents better understand the product being tested.

Audio material

Include short audio recordings, such as product brochures or interviews, which can provide additional context to the questions. This can be particularly useful for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

Full digital switchover

We don't need to ask the same question every campaign, because we have the results from previous campaigns.

Our algorithms can also reveal previously hidden correlations, as the results can be filtered, customised and different votes can be compared.

We make the youngest groups of voters visible, as our online presence, content and platform reaches out to them, unlike traditional methods.

We make the silent majority visible because, unlike social media listening tools, the comments of the vocal minority on our experiential platform do not distort quantifiable results.

Add a personalised privacy notice

Management of data processing consents where several parties are involved in the download.

International surveys on PegaPollon

Global reach

The PegaPoll platform is designed to support international market research needs. Our users have access to an extensive, multi-lingual and multi-cultural database that allows them to conduct their research on a global scale.

Weighting mechanisms

The weighting of respondents' data is crucial in cases where the sample is not representative. PegaPoll offers advanced weighting tools to help you adjust respondent data by demographic and psychographic characteristics so that the results better reflect the target population.

Site-specific data collection

PegaPoll allows research to take into account local reference data such as population statistics, economic characteristics and cultural information. This approach ensures that questionnaires are relevant and valid in the specific context of the target area.

Language support

PegaPoll provides the possibility to translate the questionnaires into several languages, ensuring that the research is conducted in the target population's mother tongue. This increases the accuracy and relevance of the responses, as participants can express themselves in their own language.

Key Features

Easy to use

Create high-quality questionnaires with ease, using our user-friendly interface and AI-based tools.

Instant results

Real-time data can be accessed through customisable dashboards, enabling fast and in-depth analysis without the need for specialised technical skills.

Interactive and attractive

Add multimedia elements such as images, videos and links to make your questionnaires more attractive and informative.

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Why choose PegaPoll?


Reduce the cost of traditional telephone surveys by switching to online surveys.

Comprehensive data analysis

Take advantage of advanced tools for filtering, weighting, cross-checking and visualising data to gain actionable insights.

Safety and compliance

Ensure data security and data protection compliance with robust encryption and data protection measures.