Welcome to aktuell.ch, the next-generation news platform that goes beyond traditional journalism. Our website not only offers in-depth articles but also engages readers through interactive polls, empowering them to shape public opinion. We are calling the silent majority to hear their voice by just clicking. . 

Dynamic News Experience

 Aktualitas.hu blends traditional news with modern engagement tools. Readers can stay informed on various topics while actively participating in shaping the conversation through polls and votes.

Key Features

Interactive Polls

Every article is accompanied by relevant polls that encourage readers to share their opinions, making news consumption a two-way street.

AI-Powered Content

Artificial intelligence summarizes articles and generates polling questions, ensuring a seamless and efficient flow of accurate information.

Active Reader Participation

Our platform fosters an active community where readers’ voices matter, turning passive news consumption into an interactive experience.

Revenue Opportunities


High reader engagement translates to prime advertising opportunities, increasing visibility and revenue.Readers are targeted based on their answers to polls & surveys. 

Sponsored Polls and surveys

Brands and organizations can sponsor polls and surveys, gaining direct insights from an engaged audience.

Subscription Plans

Offering premium content and sharing insight and in depth analysis on research we continuously run on the site that provides a steady income stream.

Key Benefits for Partners

Enhanced Engagement

Interactive polls and AI-driven content keep readers engaged longer, improving ad visibility and effectiveness.

Valuable Insights

Sponsored polls offer direct access to reader opinions, providing valuable market research data.

Scalable Revenue Model

As reader engagement grows, so does the potential for higher ad revenue and more comprehensive data collection.

Join us in revolutionizing the way news is consumed and discussed, and leverage the power of an engaged community with aktuell.ch !