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PegaPoll allows readers to quickly and easily vote on the content you publish. The results are collected and analysed in real time using AI, so you can get instant feedback on how readers are responding to your articles.


Discover the capabilities of PegaPoll!

Simple voting

Create easily embeddable polls for your articles.

Real-time analysis

Instant feedback on readers' reactions.

AI support

AI analyses the data and highlights the most important trends.

Interactive content

Add pictures, links and videos to the polls.

How does PegaPoll work?

Simple and efficient process


Make voting as easy as writing a Facebook post.


Insert the polls directly into your website or blog.


Collect real-time data on reader feedback.


Use AI to analyze results and identify important patterns.


Reach your readers with instant and relevant content.

Revenue opportunities

Pegapoll is not just about fun and games; it's also a smart business move. We generate revenue:


To capitalise on the high traffic, we use advertising to monetise user visits, ensuring a steady income.

Targeted market research panels

As participants register and take part in the quizzes, we are building a significant user panel. This panel can be targeted independently with targeted market research and advertising, providing a rich source of data and an additional revenue stream.


We offer unique paid market and opinion research opportunities directly on our platform. Visitors organically complete surveys and polls, growing our database and increasing our revenue.

Why choose PegaPoll?

Better reader understanding

Instant feedback helps us understand readers' opinions, needs and preferences.

Content development

You can use the data to continuously improve your content.

Greater commitment

Interactive elements increase reader activity and interest.

Revenue opportunities

Polls and surveys create opportunities for new sources of revenue.

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Discover how to increase your revenue with interactive advertising!

Real-time reader reviews

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