Real-time reader reviews

Welcome to the future of online journalism! We are pleased to present our latest solution to help journalists and newsrooms better understand their readers' needs. Our barometer allows readers to evaluate newspaper content in real time based on objectivity, independence and relevance. By aggregating readers' votes, we provide an overall picture of the reliability and quality of different websites.


Readers vote according to three main criteria:


How factual and unbiased do you find the article?


Is there any perceived political or business influence in the content?


How relevant and important do you think the topic of the article is?

How does it work?

Voting mechanism: readers can rate content via the voting interface at the end of each article. The voting is simple and user-friendly, so everyone can easily participate.

How it looks in practice

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Use of data

Data collection and analysis

The votes received are aggregated and analysed in real time, broken down by domain. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read, real-time updated table.

Show results

Based on the data collected, a detailed report is produced for each domain, showing the average rating of objectivity, independence and relevance of the newspaper.

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