Benefits of quizzes

Increasing reader engagement

Quizzes are fun and educational elements that keep visitors engaged for longer.

Interactive content leads to more return visitors, which increases website hits and traffic.

Attracting new visitors

Interesting and shareable quizzes spread easily on social media, bringing new visitors to the site.

People are happy to share their results, which generates additional traffic.

User-friendly editor

Creating quizzes on the PegaPoll platform is quick and easy. No programming skills are required, anyone can easily create professional-looking quizzes. The interface is intuitive and offers many customisation options to make your quizzes truly unique.

How does it work?

Creating a quiz

Start by giving the title and description of the quiz.

Add questions and answer choices, which can be single-choice, multiple-choice, scaled or open-ended.

Use our AI assistant to suggest questions and answers to best meet your goals.

Content enrichment

Colour your quizzes with pictures, videos and links to make them even more attractive.

Apply unique design elements and brand identifiers to make the quiz fit the style of the site.

Quiz sharing

You can easily embed your quizzes on your website or blog.

Share the quizzes on social media, email or other channels to reach as many people as possible.

Data collection and analysis:

PegaPoll's platform collects and analyses responses in real time, so you can get instant feedback on the performance of your quiz.

Use detailed statistics and reports to understand visitor preferences and behaviour.

Revenue opportunities

Pegapoll is not just about fun and games; it's also a smart business move. We generate revenue:


To capitalise on the high traffic, we use advertising to monetise user visits, ensuring a steady income.

Targeted market research panels

As participants register and take part in the quizzes, we are building a significant user panel. This panel can be targeted independently with targeted market research and advertising, providing a rich source of data and an additional revenue stream.


We offer unique paid market and opinion research opportunities directly on our platform. Visitors organically complete surveys and polls, growing our database and increasing our revenue.

Why choose PegaPoll?

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows quick quiz creation.

Rich media integration

Embed images, videos and links in quizzes to make them more attractive.

AI support

The AI assistant helps you formulate questions and answers, making it easier and faster to create a quiz.

Real-time analysis

Instant feedback and detailed statistics on quiz performance.


Quizzes are fully customisable to match the style and brand identity of the site.

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